2024 Property Tax Rebate Program

The Governing Body adopted the Property Tax Rebate program designed to alleviate some of the burden of home ownership in the face of rising property values. This program will rebate 100% of the City’s portion of property taxes to those meet the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development’s income guidelines for Johnson County. 

The program’s goal is to help all residents remain in their homes and to help make it more affordable to do so. Income guidelines will update annually so please stay tuned to this website for the latest year’s application. A committee will review the applications and determine qualifications with special emphasis given to older residents those with disabilities. For questions on the program or for more information, please email or call Khal Miller, 913-722-2600.

Property Tax Rebate Program Application (PDF)

Applications will be accepted staring January 2, 2024 through September 27, 2024.  Applications will continue to be accepted after September 27, 2024 if funding is still available.

Elderly couple