What Goes in Your Recycling Bin

See the Recycle More, Recycle Better flyer (PDF), showing what items you can and cannot put in your recycling bin. You can also view this updated recycling infographic

Curbside Recycling

GFL will provide a recycling cart free of charge. Please contact them at 816-380-5595 with your address and a bin will be delivered. Larger 60 gallon recycle bins are now available! Cardboard boxes are recyclable and should be broken down flat and put with your recycling.

Glass Recycling

Glass is not accepted by GFL. There is a Ripple Glass recycling container at the Aldi parking lot 4801 Roe Lane and also one at the Hyvee on Martway in Mission.

Recycle Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

There are several options for safely disposing of used compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Home Depot stores accept used CFLs at their return desk. Alternatively residents can contact Johnson County Hazardous waste to make an appointment to drop off their used CFLs. Their number is 913-715-6900.

Additional Information

Check Recycle Spot to find out more about recycling and where you can drop off various materials for recycling. 

On Monday, February 24, 2020, Tom Coffman with GFL gave a presentation on recycling at the Community Forum. You can watch a video of the presentation to learn more, or review the powerpoint.