Residential Trash Service

Pick up of Household Trash Waste

Solid waste and recycling is collected by Green for Life Environmental (GFL). For a full list of details on collection, visit their website for Roeland Park. All household trash is to be placed in the provided green trash container with the lid or in a tied approved trash bag with a purchased bag tag (not exceeding 40 pounds in weight) to prevent trash from blowing as described in Article 1 section 15-104. 

Household trash not suitable to be put in a container must be neatly bundled and placed next to trash container. Each household is limited to 96 gallons of garbage pickup each week. This amounts to a filled 65-gallon trash container and one garbage bag, or a 96-gallon container.

For those who have more than 96 gallons of garbage, stickers or "bag tags" can be purchased at City Hall for $1.25 each for each additional 33-gallon garbage bag set out for collection.

Pick up Day

Trash, Yard Waste and Recycling will be collected weekly. View a map of Roeland Park showing collection days (JPG).

Pick up Time

Trash must be at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your scheduled pick up day for collection.

City Code

Items are not to be placed out at the curb sooner than 12 hours prior to the day of collection as described in (Article 1 section15-106-d). All containers must be returned to storage by midnight the same day of collection as described in (Article 1, Section 15-104). Residents physically unable to bring trash to curb may call City Hall and make special arrangements for collection of trash and recycling.