Recycling, Trash & Yard Waste

Residential Trash Service is provided by Green for Life Environmental (GFL),
Harrisonville, MO


If you have any questions about your trash, yard waste, recycling or large item pick up please call Green for Life Environmental at 816-380-5595 (select "3" on the menu for residential service assistance or dial "0" to get an operator). You can email them at regarding missed pick ups or other service issues. 

TRASH AMNESTY WEEK 2021 - December 27th to 31st

Twice a year we will announce Trash Amnesty Week. During Trash Amnesty week you can put out unlimited trash bags on your trash pick up day without purchasing bag tags. Please don't put out large items or construction debris.

Holiday Pickup Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, service that falls on the holidays listed below will be completed the following day, and service for subsequent days in the same week will also be completed one day later. In the event that a holiday falls on a regularly closed business day, service for that week will continue as normal.

  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

(Any additions or changes to the above holiday schedules will be posted here and on the City's social media sites.)