Committee Volunteer Application Process

Committee Member Application and Appointment Process

  1. Candidates interested in appointment should complete the application form located on the city website.

  1. City Clerk will send confirmation email to the candidate and forward volunteer applications to the Mayor, Council Liaison, and committee chair of the committee that the candidate is requesting.

  2. Chair or Co-Chair of the committee will contact candidate and invite them to the next scheduled meeting.

  3. After the candidate has attended a meeting and the committee wishes for the candidate to be appointed chair shall let their intentions be known to the City Clerk

  4. City Clerk will put the appointment on the council agenda as directed by the Mayor.

Committee Member Reappointment Process

  1. City Clerk will send out a list of all appointments to the Governing Body and all appointees whose term is set to expire around the beginning of the fourth quarter.

  2. Appointees wishing to be reappointed shall let their intentions be known to the City Clerk. City Clerk will forward to the Mayor and Chair of the committee for consideration of reappointment. And will be placed on an agenda for action at the direction of the Mayor.
  1. If an incumbent candidate is not recommended to be reappointed, they will be notified by the Mayor or his/her designee before the council meeting at which their replacement will be appointed.