Memorial Tree Program

Program Details

Planting or dedicating a tree in a City Park or other City-owned land is a wonderful way to honor a dedicated service member, loved one, or family member who has passed away. A tree provides a gift to the whole community, a remembrance of the past and at the same time a renewing of life.

Options & Guidelines

The Roeland Park Memorial Tree Program offers different options to choose from to provide you with the memorial planting that best allows you to honor the memory of your loved one. All options of the Memorial Tree Program will be subject to the provisions and guidelines set forth by the City of Roeland Park to better serve the community and for the success and enhancement of this program and the City’s parks.

Order Forms

Your completed Memorial Tree Application Form can be returned to:
Roeland Park City Hall
4600 W 51st Street
Roeland Park, KS 66205

Roeland Park Donation Policy (PDF)