Development Opportunities

The Rocks at 4800 West Roe Parkway

Currently home to the City's Public Works shop, the 6 acre city-owned site is being primed for development. The site is divided into four lots. 

Lot 1 on the upper level is a 2.33 acre site ideal for a limited service hotel with great views of downtown Kansas City. Lot 3 is a 1.96 acre site for a sports or entertainment complex. Lot 2 is a 1.47 acre site for a sit-down restaurant. Lot 4 is a 0.84 acre site for parking and stormwater detention.

The City is doing the work to make the site ready for development including filling the caves and grading the site, installing stormwater detention and sanitary sewer system for all tenants. The City Council approved a Preliminary Development Plan and new zoning for the site of Planned General Business District (CP-2) to accommodate a hotel tenant.

View the site analysis and goals for The Rocks as well as the marketing flier

EPC Preliminary Development Plan for The Rocks

Rendering of The Rocks Site