2023 Budget


The City of Roeland Park is working on its Fiscal Year 2023-2025 Budget. Each year, staff work with the Governing Body to develop the following year’s budget along with two additional years of projections. This longer-term planning process helps guide the Council’s decision-making when it comes to planning for capital improvements and equipment replacement, staffing adjustments, program improvements, and more. Below is a preliminary schedule of future budget meetings and benchmarks for adopting the FY 2023 Budget. All meetings are open to the public and will be held in a hybrid fashion. 

March 21stPreliminary approval of 2023 Budget Objectives
April 18thPreliminary approval of CIP Equipment Replacement Schedule
May 2ndAdopt Proposed 2023 Pay Scale
May 16thReview reserves, outstanding debt and trends in primary revenues
June 6thLine item budget presentation 
June 27thBudget Community Forum meeting
July 5thReview glass recycling proposals
August 22ndPublic hearing on Intent to Exceed Revenue Neutral rate, on adoption of the 2023 Budget, and on amendment to 2022 Budget.
August 22ndCouncil adopts 2023 Budget and tax rate