Climate and Sustainability

Roeland Park has been, and continues to be, a leader on important actions that promote sustainability and make a real difference in environmental issues. This page is a resource and directory of Roeland Park's actions. 


To support our efforts to reduce carbon emissions City-wide, the residential energy audit incentive program will rebate up to $400 of a home energy audit performed by a qualified contractor. 

Residential Energy Audit Incentive Application

Qualified Energy Audit Contractors

Copy of Illustration Save The Earth Flyer

Solar Energy

Community Center Solar

Roeland Park has installed solar panels on City Hall, the Community Center, and the Aquatics Center that generate substantial amounts of clean energy. 

Roeland Park offers a dashboard to track the energy generated from the various solar installations. Those dashboard can be found below:

Community Center Dashboard: Click Here
-City Hall Dashboard: Click Here  -City Hall Carport Dashboard: Click Here  
-Aquatic Center/Pump House Dashboard: Click Here


Roeland Park Launches Dyanmhex

Fighting climate change is everyone's responsibility and the City of Roeland Park has taken measures to reduce its carbon footprint to ensure a sustainable future. In 2020, the City Council approved the purchase and implementation of Dynamhex, which helps cities measure their greenhouse gas emissions for the entire community, set nuanced reduction targets and track progress by engaging the local citizens for climate action on a web application. 

Roeland Park and Dynamhex offer a cloud-based interactive dashboard. To learn more about Dynamhex, or the dashboard, visit our carbon emissions page here.


Roeland Park residents have access to a recycling pick-up program. Recycling is an important component to sustainability and Roeland Park is proud to offer such a program. 

To see more about what can be recycled, view this flyer

More information about recycling and waste programs can be found here.

Ripple Glass curbside recycling

The City of Roeland Park is proud to be the first city in the metro area to adopt City-wide curbside glass recycling. Service will begin in January 2023.  Recycling glass bottles and jars saves energy and makes a real different in our community!  

Who is Ripple Glass?

Ripple Glass Logo

Not long ago, KC had one of the worst glass recycling rates in the nation. The folks at Boulevard Brewing Company finally got tired of being part of the problem. With support from local organizations, they came up with a solution. Ripple Glass built a processing facility and placed more than 100 drop-off containers across the city, and eventually the metro area. Ripple Glass cleans and crushes recycled glass, which allows it to be re-melted into new jars and insulations by local manufacturers.

Climate Action KC

On July 6, 2021, the Roeland Park Governing Body passed Resolution No. 690 endorsing the Regional Climate Action Plan from Climate Action KC and the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC). 

Climate Action KC is a nonprofit regional collaborative bringing elected officials and community leaders together to reduce emissions, invigorate the economy, promote public health, and improve the quality of life across the Kansas City region. 

More information about Climate Action KC and the Regional Climate Action Plan can be found here.

Cooper Creek Park Restoration

Roeland Park has been active in the restoration of Cooper Creek Park located along Roeland Drive. Roeland Park has been clearing out invasive species, replanting native species, and making the park more friendly to residents and pedestrians. Be on the look out in our newsletters for updates on Roeland Park's progress in the restoration process!