Roeland park ActS of Kindness

Have you witnessed an act of kindness in Roeland Park? If so we want to hear about it! We know that Roeland Parkers are some of the best people around and we don't want their good deeds to go unnoticed. Acts of kindness can be random or intentional, we want to hear about what you have witnessed and we may share it on our social media and in our City newsletter. Those who submit the act and those who perform it will get some great RP schwag! Help us share some good news and complete the form below. We may contact you for more details and pictures. Thank you for your efforts and being so great! #RPPride.

Roeland Park Act of Kindness Form

Elderly couple

Acts of Kindness

Unexpected Dog Walker

When he saw his neighbor needed help walking her dog, Roeland Park resident and neighbor Michael Foltz didn't hesitate to offer his support. 

Mr. Foltz volunteered to help his neighbor with her young and energetic dog. Mr. Foltz has taken the neighbor's dog on daily walks. He says she is great on a leash and is a super sweet dog. Thank you Michael for being a great RP neighbor! 

Please continue to share your random acts of kindness. #RPprideMichael Foltz

Lost Keys

Shout out to the Roeland Park neighbor who found a lost pair of keys and kindly returned them to the Police Department! Not only did he take the time to deliver those keys to the RPPD, he also made this sign and taped it in several places along Nall for those passing by! We don't know who this mystery peach of a resident is, but if you have any info, email so we can gift this gentleman an RP branded tumbler!

Lost Keys

Sweets from the Sweetest Couple

Ever since Pam met Gretchen and Ardie Davis, they have shown nothing but kindness and graciousness in helping others. Most recently, they surprised Pam with homemade cookies when most days the thought of food is terrible to due chemotherapy. 

The only thing that Pam can taste well is sweets so they sent her cookies and a note to let her know they were thinking of her. Previously, when Pam was charged with caring for an elderly couple, they joined forces to help her do lawn work to assist them, then they also brought meals.

Together, they helped this couple remain in their home until their passing. Pam says she couldn't have done it with out Gretchen and Ardie's help. It really does take a village!

Davis Couple Cropped

Trash Bins

Every Tuesday, Jason's trash is collected by WCA. Shortly thereafter, his trash and recycling bins are moved from the curb back toward the house. At first, Jason was confused but after six months he realized it was a wonderful neighbor who was doing that same for everyone on their block of Linden Street.

Jason says it has been happening every week for the year and a half he has lived in Roeland Park. It is such a simple gesture that is making people's days. Thank you Roeland Park neighbor! 


A Helping Hand

When Jessica was moving into her home a few months ago, she and her parents were struggling moving a fridge into the home. A wonderful neighbor on Mission RD driving by saw that they were having trouble, turned her car around, and immediately helped them get the fridge inside. 

Had it not been for the help and support of a neighbor, Jessica thinks she may not have been able to move in. 

We never forget these generous acts of kindness! 

Caring in Action

Susie South Hediger and her husband always go above and beyond to help out residents in Roeland Park. In this recent cold snap, she has offered to get groceries or run errands for residents if they are unable to get out, and she frequently reaches out and check in on her neighbors.

Susie also regularly donates to a neighborhood pantry. She brings boxes of food, canned goods, and fresh vegetables so residents in need, especially at the Boulevard Apartments, have access to foods. Thanks for being so wonderful and caring for our neighbors, Susie!

Susie South Hediger

Treasure Hunt

Emily's 5-year-old son has a fanny pack that he uses to collect "treasures" that he finds around the neighborhood. Their neighbor saw him hunting for treasure and he showed the neighbor the wonderful acorns and rocks he collected.

After Emily's son left, the neighbor put out wonderful treasures like coins, magnets, and marbles to be found. Now, Emily's neighbor has the most magical yard to hunt for treasures!

Treasure Hunt

School Supplies

Brittany Noriega set up a free table to give away school supplies to anyone that could use them at the start of the school year! She had a huge table full of anything students could possibly use. What a kind and generous person! 

Brittany Noriega Donations

Kitty Cat Care

Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson and her son are instrumental in initiating acts of kindness for the homeless population of cats in Roeland Park. Stephanie and her son make outdoor feral cat houses every year to help feral cats over winter and give them away for free. She also promotes and participates in the Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program supported by Roeland Park which is essential for controlling the feral cat population. 

If a cat is lost, she will search high and low to reunite the cat and its human. She will scan for microchips to assist in reuniting lost pets. She enlists veterinary care for injured cats and secures donations. Stephanie drops everything to aid these homeless animals at much personal financial and time expenditures. 

Who is more deserving of honor than someone who gives so much to abandoned animals in Roeland Park?

Kitty Cat

Together Wii Can

Pam Wilson works at a cancer rehabilitation clinic and they were in need of a Wii system to aide in cancer rehab recovery. This organization helps cancer victims recover from the effects of cancer treatment. Often times, it is for partial payment or no payment if the cancer victim has no insurance or means to pay. 

The Wii system allows them to work on strength, balance, and neuropathy issues. Pam reached out to our community and was blessed with many supportive responses but a neighbor donated over $1,500 of equipment and videos to help the cause. When Pam met with the neighbor, she learned that her neighbor's mom passed away from the same kind of Leukemia she is also dealing with. The neighbor was so glad to be able to help out other cancer patients she donated it all. 

Pam loves living here because people are so generous and willing to help without gains. The neighbor made a difference in Pam's life and impacted many other cancer patients that struggle to regain strength from the devastation of surviving cancer. Pam is proud to call this person her neighbor. 

Wii Equipment