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2021 Citizen Survey Report (PDF)

2021 City of Roeland Park Community Survey Presentation August 23, 2021 (PDF)

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Appendix B - Open Ended Comments
Leading the Way Award Presentation

Press Release: Roeland Park Garners ETC Institute's Leading the Way Award

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Interactive Data Dashboard

ETC Institute has designed an interactive data dashboard to help the City of Roeland Park review and analyze their Community Survey data. The dashboard allows you to query the full set of survey results in real time anywhere with access to the Internet. The interactive data dashboard allows individuals the ability to explore the data and drill-down into the result on-demand, and does not require additional requests for analysis. The dashboard created for the City of Roeland Park contains the following features:

  • Trend Analysis: This features shows the results for previous community surveys that ETC Institute has administered for Roeland Park.
  • GIS Mapping: This features displays the survey results mapped out geographically throughout your community. The maps will geographically display results not only for your current survey, but will also show changes in satisfaction from previous surveys.
  • Benchmarking Analysis: This feature shows how your community compares to other communities across the country.  The dashboard will allow you to compare your results to other communities regionally, nationally, and based on population of other communities.      
  • Priority Analysis: This feature shows the top priorities for the City to focus on, based on ETC Institute’s Importance-Satisfaction Analysis.  Priorities can be displayed for various demographic and geographic areas using the interactive features of the data dashboard.
  • Cross-Tabular Data Analysis: This feature which allows you to cross tabulate specific questions on the survey showing how different groups of respondents responded to various questions on the survey.


2016 Citizens' Surveys

2013 Citizens' Surveys

Overview & Methodology

During February 2013, the City of Roeland Park administered a community survey. The purpose of the survey is to assess citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major City services and to help determine priorities for the community as part of the City's ongoing planning process.

The results for the sample of 350 households have a 90% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/- 4.4%.

Summary Report Contents

2008 Citizens' Surveys

Roeland Park set four benchmarks for citizen satisfaction among 39 communities in the Kansas City area in a survey conducted by ETC Institute of Olathe.

Summary Report Contents