City Hall

The City of Roeland Park is looking for volunteers with a variety of skills including those able to assist with data entry, records and archives, and the City Newsletter. Get involved by called City Hall at 913-722-2600.

Data Entry Assistant

The City of Roeland Park is in the process of updating records from paper to digital formats as well as entering current information into the City’s computers.

Electronic Document Coordinator

Assist the City by becoming digital in its long term records archives. A high speed scanner is in place to start the process of converting 60 plus years of City history into a digital format. This process will also assist in reducing the storage space issues at City Hall.

Newsletter Editor

Help draft articles and assemble the Roeland Parker which is mailed to every address in the City on a quarterly basis. The newsletter contains actions by the governing body, reminders about city codes and ordinances, feature articles and updates about the Roeland Park Community Center and Aquatics Center.