Roeland Park Community Foundation

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Establishing the Foundation

An agreement between the City of Roeland Park and the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation establishing a Roeland Park Community Foundation account was reached and unanimously approved by the City Council on November 18th, 2013.

The City of Roeland Park has also established a board which will oversee the city's foundation account.

Purpose of the Foundation

The Community Foundation allows the city to accept funds from individual donors or businesses who are interested in contributing tax-deductible donations to the city. The city can use these funds for non-operational uses, such as community events, public art, and city park amenities.


Make a difference in Roeland Park, and consider making a donation today!

Donations can be made online directly to the Roeland Park Community Foundation or in person or by mail at City Hall.

Read more about making donations to the Roeland Park Community Foundation.

What Your Contribution Does

Your contribution may support the following city events or needs (you decide):

  • Arbor Day
  • Art in R Park Program
  • Park amenities or other items
  • Special Events such as the Neighborhood Block Party, Easter Egg Hunt and Bark in R Park
  • Sustainability

New: the Foundation offers small grants from undesignated funds

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Roeland Park Community Foundation has funds available to provide grants to individuals and organizations seeking to improve the quality of life in Roeland Park. Grants range between $50 and $750 per applicant per year. 

Grants will be accepted at any time and reviewed at the regular quarterly Board meetings. For full details on eligibility, please review the grant policy. You can submit an application to Board Liasion Erin Winn at Please also review and complete the grant acceptance agreement along with your application.