Rental Licensing & Inspections

In order to increase public safety and health, the Roeland Park City Council made two major changes pertaining to rental inspections in 2015. 

  1. The Council provided a process to have rental inspections of residential properties and apartments by request of the tenant or renter.
  2. Voluntary rental inspections beginning January 1, 2016.

Summary of All Changes

Currently, Neighborhood Services staff performs external inspections annually and issues renewal licenses upon passing inspection. Neighborhood Services staff will conduct internal inspections at the request of the landlord or tenant.

Inspections By Request

With a recent ordinance change, both owners and tenants of rental properties (both apartments and single family homes) may request an internal and external inspection of the property. The goal for these inspections is to ensure basic health and safety features such as electrical wiring and carbon monoxide detectors are in place in these dwellings. 

To request an inspection, please contact your Neighborhood Services team at 913-722-2600.

Internal Inspection Process

Internal inspection will be performed with the owner or his / her designated agent present (other than the tenant). It shall be the responsibility of the owner to notify Roeland Park of a vacancy for their rental property within 15 days or a public offense shall have occurred. 

External inspections will continue on an annual basis when the single family home rental license is up for renewal. Please see the link for internal inspections for a list of inspection items by room.

View the list of inspection items by room (PDF).


During an inspection, if the Neighborhood Services Staff determines that the dwelling is not in compliance with applicable City ordinances, staff will discuss a schedule and process to achieve compliance with the owner or tenant. 

Reinspections shall be conducted to ensure that appropriate corrective action has been completed. There is no cost for the first reinspection.

Information Sessions Regarding New Regulations

To educate landlords on the details of the new regulations, Roeland Park staff hosted two training seminars designed to answer questions and alleviate concerns of rental property owners and landlords. For those unable to attend, please view the Rental Inspection Brochure (PDF) and the Rental Property Inspection Presentation (PDF)

Please note: Due to a change in state law, as of August 2016, internal rental inspections are no longer mandatory. City staff will still perform internal inspections at the landlord or tenant’s request but the city no longer requires these inspections. Disregard the mandatory language in the brochure and presentation.